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About Minuet

Originating from the ‘doll faced’ Persian and the short legged Munchkin, the Minuet shares the gentleness of a Persian and the energy and curiosity of the Munchkin. They are medium-sized, but don’t let their short legs fool you, they can navigate the curves of their self-defined race-track through the house at breakneck speed. 


Head: Round, broad, with well rounded contours

Eyes: Large and round

Ears: Medium with preference given to slightly smaller ears

Profile: Gentle curve to a moderate stop

Body: Medium to substantial boning

Feet: Rounded and neat, tufts on longhairs

Coat: Soft, slight undercoat gives the coat body but coat still falls smoothly

Patterns: All

Colors: All 

Personality: Laid-back, playful, curious

Picture above: Our king RW QGC Pawcity Logan

Did You Know?

Known for being distinctively short, the breed earned its name from emperor Napoleon ‘Minuet’ Bonaparte. The Minuet was originally known as the Napoleon Cat, but in 2015 was renamed the Minuet by TICA.

Minuets don’t always have short legs. The dominant gene in Minuet breeding is for short legs; however, all short-legged cats carry the recessive gene for long legs. In order for a Minuet to have short legs, at least one of her parents must have short legs. With that sentiment in mind, a standard Minuet is one who has short legs, whereas the non-standard Minuet is her long-legged counterpart. Regardless of leg length, they still share the same adorable looks and personality.


Despite her short legs, Minuets are fast-moving cats that like to “zoom” around the house.


The Minuet is considered an overall healthy breed. With their heavy Persian background, all Minuets should come with a certificate stating that their parents have been checked and cleared for PKD.  Also, when shopping for your kitten, make sure the parents do not have teary eyes or excessively narrowed nasal passages.

Versions of Minuets:


Standard Minuet (short legs)

Minuet Tall (long legs)

A single litter can produce both versions of Minuets.

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