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Darlin'lil'dolls Neptune

Color: Blue Bicolor

Sire: RW QGC Darlinlildolls Griffon

Dam:  Darlinlildolls Black Velvet

Our handsome Neptune has everything I dreamed about... Strong muzzle, big blue eyes, very good profile, perfect silky coat along with his super outgoing temperament. Neptune's happy demeanor and unwavering confidence make him a true standout. With his sturdy body and substantial boning, he's a king in every sense. We're proud to say he's gifted us with some of our most stunning kittens!

Vancouver Ragdoll.jpg
Fairytale Bliss Le Petit Prince

A.K.A Bambi


Color: Blue Bicolor

Sire: Darlinlildolls Neptune

Dam: Darlinlildolls Polaris

Bambi is our home grown boy! He is a fantastic combination of his two parents and has the look that we so love. We knew we would keep him not only because he has a beautiful expression, a long luxurious coat and large vivid blue eyes, but because he has a very easy-going temperament that is totally owned our heart.

We cannot wait to continue to watch him grow and pass that wonderful personality on to his kittens!

WeChat Image_20210915144439.jpg
Chiffondolls Milky Way

Color: Blue Bicolor

Sire: Mirumkitty Ramsay

Dam:  Chiffondolls Mimosa

Introducing our majestic new King: Milky Way!  Watching him mature into such a stunning boy has been a true delight. He has a large build body and a gorgeous plush soft coat. But it's not just his looks that steal our hearts. He's as gentle as a summer breeze and affectionate as can be. He's the kind of easygoing companion who effortlessly melts into your lap, making every moment pure bliss.

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